O.H. Meling & Co. AS
O.H. Meling & Co. AS

O.H. Meling & Co. AS

Stavanger / Norway
Strona wwwohmeling.no
Telefon +47 51 50 55 60
Adres e-mailcrew@ohmeling.no
AdresParadisveien 28, N-4012 Stavanger

Health Safety Environment and Quality

Our goal is to have a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, at sea and on shore. To achieve this, we will have a high focus on health, safety and environment.

O.H.Meling & Co AS has a Safety Quality Management System and procedures for all standard work tasks.

Any "Non-Procedure" work is analyzed through a "Risk Assessment" system before the work is carried out.

The Company´s goal is to have a modern fleet, in good repair, and kept to a modern and high standard. OHM is also doing their outmost to make our ship to a safe and healthy working place for all our employees.

We have the following priorities for all our operations carried out by the company:

  1. No loss of life, personal injuries or damage to health.
  2. No damage to the environment.
  3. No damage to material, equipment or property.

OHM will always be looking for good initiatives to ensure continuous improvement and ensure that our policy and governing objectives will be reached.