A & A Shipping Co.Ltd.
A & A Shipping Co.Ltd.

A & A Shipping Co.Ltd.

Szczecin / Poland
Strona wwwaashipping.pl
Telefon+48 91 8121201
Adres e-mailcrewing@aashipping.pl
AdresWielka Odrzanska 18a/1, 70-535 Szczecin

Best choice for SEAMEN:

  • We´ll find you an excellent job
  • With us you´ll get safe working conditions and attractive terms of employment
  • We offer vacancies on various vessel types
  • We stand by you at each stage of the employment process: we help you find a job, provide professional support throughout your service and we are with you when your contract ends
  • We understand your needs because we ourselves belong to the maritime community - our highly qualified team includes ex-seafarers and that is why we know what you need and how we can help you win a satisfactory contract of employment

Ideal partner for SHIPOWNERS:

  • We have been recruiting merchant marine officers and seamen for over a dozen years. Our manpower database includes thousands of candidates with excellent qualifications.
  • We offer very attractive terms: professional, timely, reliable and flexible recruitment services
  • The A&A team are seamen by education and experience, including the highest ranking officers - we know seamen´s needs, shipowners´ requirements and the shipping industry
  • Nobody can beat us when it comes to searching for and the selection of candidates, verification of their qualifications and making travel arrangements - our job is our passion
  • We offer a friendly and efficient service focused on our clients´ needs
  • We do our best working for the best