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Atlas Professionals is an international leading recruitment company. Since 1982, Atlas has played a major role in the provision of professionals to the Energy and Marine industries worldwide.


Jobs at the frontier of Energy & Marine
Every day, more than 2,500 Atlas professionals are working around the globe, discovering new innovations and facing new challenges. We work alongside companies ranging from large multinational corporations to smaller, local enterprises providing an experienced workforce on demand.

Matching Talents & Ambitions
We are here to support our personnel from the start and are committed to invest in their future careers. We know the energy and marine world well, with the local expertise in our twenty offices and the support of a global organisation, our specialists are accurate in matching the ambitions and talents of our personnel to the right position our clients need to fill. Our commitment to our people is threaded throughout our support services, from training and development to administration, logistics and expert legal and tax counsel services.

An open door to the world of Energy & Marine

For professionals seeking new challenges, we offer a self-service gateway to the most comprehensive network of top international companies via our website Here, you can upload your CV, build a personal profile and apply directly to any job vacancy of interest. Updated daily, our site offers a complete overview of career opportunities in the energy and marine industries.

Fifteen areas of expertise

Continuous commitment and passion for the industry and our professionals has resulted in the highly-respected, comprehensive employment network we have today. Atlas’ offices provide services to fifteen market sectors:

  1. Seismic & Electromagnetic
  2. Offshore Survey & Construction
  3. ROV, Diving & Inspection
  4. Offshore Management & QC
  5. QHSE
  6. Technical Inspection Services
  7. Marine Environmental
  8. Offshore Wind
  9. Offshore Marine
  10. Discipline Engineering & Project Controls
  11. Drilling & Well Services
  12. Production & Maintenance
  13. Platforms & Jack Ups
  14. Dredging & Port Construction
  15. Merchant Shipping